Working for Families

Naperville is one of the best places in America to raise a family, but to make sure it stays that way, we must focus on quality of life issues, including livability, education and sustainability.


As our City continues to mature, we must ensure that it remains a safe and attractive place to live and raise a family. We need to keep our city livable by:

  • Looking to improve traffic congestion as much as possible.
  • Protecting our green-space.
  • Improving pedestrian safety, which should include reevaluating standards for intersection controls, re-configuring dangerous crosswalks and adding four-way stop signs where necessary.


For decades, young families have moved to Naperville for our top-rated schools and safe neighborhoods.

  • The City of Naperville must continue its strong relationships with School Districts 203 and 204, and should carefully examine any proposed TIF that might add students while withholding property tax dollars.
  • The impact on enrollment levels at nearby schools should be a focus when reviewing proposed developments so that Districts 203 and 204 are not forced to change school boundaries as a result of overly dense developments.
  • The City should work closely with the school districts to ensure that children have easy and safe ways to walk and bicycle to their neighborhood schools. I have fought for this throughout the 5th Avenue development process, and will continue to make safe access to schools a priority if I am elected to City Council.


I believe that our elected officials have an obligation to be good stewards of our natural and built environments and to leave our city in better condition than we found it. My efforts as a Council Member to make that a reality would include:

  • Supporting the creation of a sustainability commission, which could offer elected officials and city staff guidance on this important issue.
  • Preserving and adding green space and working with our Park District to ensure that our parks are not compromised by new developments, and encouraging builders to seek LEED certification wherever possible.
  • Working with city staff to replace retired vehicles with electric vehicles that will be better for the environment and will save the City money on fuel and maintenance.