The Future of Naperville

Naperville has a rich legacy of being a forward-thinking community that has made our City such a great place to live today. Decisions that may seem easy in retrospect but required foresight and courage at the time include developing our downtown along the DuPage River rather than the railroad tracks, saving Central Park when parking garages were proposed to take its place and creating the Riverwalk, all of which we are now so fortunate to enjoy. In the spirit of those forward-thinking decisions, I would advocate for ordinances and policy decisions that would maintain Naperville’s position as a leader among municipalities in Illinois, including:

  • Adding a requirement that developers include environmental considerations (i.e. explore possibilities for green roofs, LEED certification, etc.) in all future development proposals.
  • Adopting a Humane Ordinance that would ban pet stores from selling commercially bred animals.
  • Complying with state and federal mandates to develop a plan to increase our supply of affordable housing. Doing so would make it easier for young families to move to Naperville and for seniors to stay in Naperville, as well as eliminate the risk that we may lose federal HUD grants if we do not at least create a plan for increasing our percentage of affordable housing.
  • Working with the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency to seek clean energy sources to reduce our city’s reliance on coal fired power plants, which currently provide approximately 90% of our power. Certain contractual obligations cannot be broken, but there will be an opportunity to explore alternative energy sources in 2026, and in order to capitalize on that opportunity, long-term strategic planning and cooperation with IMEA and other municipalities needs to begin as soon as possible.