Fiscal Responsibility

Residents entrust City Council with spending and saving our tax dollars wisely, and that responsibility should be taken seriously at all times, whether Council is considering an expenditure of $30 million or $10,000.

  • The budget process must be taken seriously, and all recommendations from staff should be critically examined by City Council before being adopted to ensure that our tax dollars are being spent how the residents want their money to be spent.
  • Public safety is paramount, and our excellent police and fire departments must receive the resources they need to continue to ensure that all residents of Naperville are safe and protected. Many residents have told me that police response time, particularly to non-violent offenses during the day, has lagged in recent years. If more patrol officers are needed to ensure that the police department can respond in a timely manner, then the budget should be adjusted accordingly to provide for funds to hire those officers.
  • As population and inflation rise, it is inevitable that costs to provide services will increase. To account for those increases, City Council should further explore the outsourcing of certain services (success has already been seen with outsourcing janitorial and accounting services) and we must continue to invest in upgrading technology that will lead to greater efficiencies within the city’s operations.