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Shafeek AbubakerTallgrass

I support Patrick Kelly because he is a leader who understands that we have to put people over politics. He is willing to work with people across the ideological spectrum and get things done. He strives to make a positive difference in our City by bringing people together.

Meena BanasiakIndian Hill

When I first met Patrick, I was most impressed by his sincerity - he was genuinely interested to hear my perspective and to explore how it either aligned or conflicted with his own. He has a knack for uncovering new insights and shared values through honest conversation and respectful debate. That's a skill that's extremely important in a City Council member, and I am glad to place my confidence in him for a second term as one of our local leaders.

Dr. Bob BuckmanCress Creek

I’ve had the privilege of working with Patrick Kelly on many important issues in the City of Naperville. In particular, I’ve seen his passion for Fair Housing. He is a strong family man who always sees the positive side. His ability to research matters that will make a positive difference for the City of Naperville is incredible. He is known for his ethics and honesty and his collaborative spirit to get things done properly. I am proud to endorse Patrick Kelly to serve his second term on City Council of the City of Naperville.

Nancy ChenEagle Chase

Patrick has demonstrated the qualities we need on the City Council. He is well-prepared, he listens, and he has proven himself accessible on issues of importance to our growing Asian American community.

Nancy and Michael ColeEast Highlands

When we had a difficult situation in our neighborhood, we reached out to the Naperville City Council for help. Patrick Kelly was the first council member to respond to our concerns. We support Patrick for re-election to City Council because he is responsive and caring. He will do the work necessary to keep Naperville safe.

Chuck CorriganMaplebrook

I support Patrick Kelly for City Council. Regardless of party affiliation, Patrick listens to the concerns of Naperville citizens and strives to make a positive difference in our City. Patrick Kelly is a civic-minded leader who will continue to make decisions based on what is best for our community.

Gail DiedrichsenPilgrim’s Addition

Councilman Patrick Kelly is our neighbor. He is a husband, father, and community member who is interested in all of Naperville’s past, present, and future. He’s approachable, inclusive and listens respectfully, and his kindness was demonstrated in his support of Naperville’s Humane Ordinance, which eventually passed as a state law. Patrick also supports Naperville Preservation, and recognizes the crucial importance of keeping our irreplaceable history that adds charming character to our community attracting visitors. Patrick understands what sets Naperville apart, and we need him to continue to represent us.

Jeff Dycus, Chris Leshock, Keith Sheffer and Deborah LandmanFormer and Current South Pointe / River Run

Patrick has clearly demonstrated that he cares about the needs and concerns of residents in South Naperville. His solid performance speaks for itself as he strives for collaboration and ensures he understands all sides of an issue. Patrick has taken the time to meet with us, understand our concerns, and to advocate on our behalf. He is deeply committed and dedicated to making sure that the right decisions are made for our residents and our great community. We strongly endorse Patrick for re-election to City Council.

Molly EvansTallgrass

I am writing in support of Patrick Kelly for Naperville City Council. As a South Naperville resident, I have had many interactions with Patrick regarding key issues and projects in Naperville, and feel he embodies all the important characteristics of a true servant leader. He authentically listens, seeks different points of view, weighs different perspectives, and effectively communicates in a meaningful solution-oriented way. I appreciate all the effort and care he puts into helping South Naperville residents. I am confident that Patrick will do the work to ensure Naperville remains one of the top cities to raise a family.

Damon FischPembroke Greens

I have known Patrick Kelly personally and professionally for 12 years. His legal knowledge and experience are assets to the City of Naperville. Moreso, Patrick has great enthusiasm to improve our community. As a Downtown Naperville small business owner and more importantly a resident, Patrick has my endorsement for City Council.

Bev FrierCo-Founder of Naperville’s Senior Task Force

I am so happy that Patrick will continue to run to be on our City Council. I have always appreciated his fairness and availability to listen to all sides of an issue, and especially his dedication to our great City.

Signe GleesonHistoric District

In a political climate in which self-interest seems to supersede service to and for others, Patrick’s responsiveness and respect for the people of Naperville is refreshing. He takes time to meet with his constituents to understand and address their varying concerns. Patrick is thoughtful in balancing business interests with the value of maintaining the livability and diversity of our unique and historic city.

Hannah GraverSaybrook

I met Pat and his wife four years ago at a Christmas Party, and we had an amazing discussion about urban planning in Naperville. At the time, I had no idea that he was running for city council, but was glad when I learned that he was! Pat’s dedication to his family and community are second to none. He cares deeply about raising his kids in a highly functional city with smooth running transportation networks, successful businesses, beautiful greenspaces, and rigorous and equitable schools. I am thankful for his thoughtful service on Naperville’s City Council and am thrilled that he is running again.

Thom HigginsPark Addition

On Council, Patrick exemplifies the kind of hard work, respect for all, and fairness that defines an effective councilperson. Be it a large or small issue, he does the work, reaching out to residents and stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome. His comments at council meetings are always respectful, thoughtful and on point. Naperville is lucky to have him as its representative on Council.

Greg HubertMember of Clean Energy Alliance of Naperville

I am happy and honored to endorse Patrick for City Council. Patrick demonstrates that he cares for environmental issues, and I am grateful for the time and efforts he has devoted as a member of City Council to engage with experts to lead Naperville on a more sustainable path. He makes the time to listen and represent the best interests of our community. As a good husband and father of 3 younger children, I also believe that he values the future generations of Naperville and our continued quality of life.

Laura KmecWHOA

Patrick has done a great job the last four years on Naperville City Council. He is exactly who I want making decisions for our city. He is smart, level-headed, willing to listen, and really cares about the people who live here. Knowing he has kids going through the public schools, participating in sports across all the parks in Naperville and knowing he lives close to downtown, I trust he will make decisions that are in the best interest for families like mine. He also does a great job of providing updates on his Facebook page, and I appreciate reading about what was discussed after each meeting. After every vote, he is very transparent with how he voted and why he voted the way he did. I will definitely be voting for him again and think Naperville is lucky to have him.

Lyndsey KokorisOlesen Estates

I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Patrick on Council the past four years. Not only is he a man of integrity, but he is a balanced leader who listens respectfully to all stakeholders – especially residents – weighing all options before deciding what’s best for the community. Patrick truly cares about Naperville, and as a Councilman, he represents what is best for our community.

Steve LohmanTallgrass

I am happy to endorse Patrick Kelly for Naperville City Council. Patrick exudes positive intent; is a good listener; and treats everyone with dignity and respect. The future of Naperville is in good hands with servant-leaders like Patrick on City Council.

Jessica LyzunKendall Park

I fully support Patrick Kelly for Naperville City Council. I have known Patrick for years as a neighbor and friend. I am grateful for his selfless devotion to our community and his advocacy for Naperville’s residents. Patrick’s integrity and temperament, and his ability to help find compromise, are critical and why we need Patrick on City Council.

Ed ManzkeRiverwoods

I wholeheartedly endorse Patrick Kelly for re-election to the Naperville City Council. During Patrick’s first term as Councilman he has demonstrated his care and commitment to Naperville and its residents. Patrick has approached the complex issues facing Naperville with a balanced and reasonable perspective that is refreshing in today’s political climate. As a resident, parent of young children, and business owner, Patrick has worked hard to keep Naperville the world-class city that it is.

Mike MarekEast Ogden Avenue Corridor

Patrick Kelly embodies the best traits of an elected official serving the community: trust, integrity, an understanding of the issues, an ability to work with others to find common ground, and decisions being driven by a motivation to do the right thing. Councilman Kelly has delivered a steady, consistent voice for residents by listening to us, has been an advocate for responsible and sensible development and planning, and has helped deliver a solid financial position for the City of Naperville. Patrick has demonstrated leadership we can trust, and Naperville will have a better future with Patrick Kelly re-elected to City Council.

Catherine and Richard PageEast Highlands

Patrick has always been very responsive to any issues that have come up, which is, of course, an important quality in a City Councilperson. In particular, when a short-term rental property in our neighborhood was operating as a large-venue "party house", with all the noise and disruption that comes with a business of that kind, Patrick was instrumental in getting the operation shut down. We enthusiastically endorse Patrick Kelly for re-election to the Naperville City Council.

Drew PowersCountry Lakes

Patrick has proven to be an asset to our city. In a time when politics are so polarized, Patrick listens to all sides of an issue, gives thoughtful consideration to an issue, and offers decisions that bring all sides closer together. I hope you will join me in fully supporting Patrick for re-election to the Naperville City Council.

Carol PradelPark Addition

I would like to thank Pat Kelly for his four years on city council. I feel that Pat has done a great job for our city. I would like to see Pat Kelly continue his work on city council.

Mark RiceFarmington

I support and endorse Patrick Kelly for Naperville City Council. I worked closely with Patrick on the Naperville Human Rights and Fair Housing Commission and have seen Patrick’s commitment to the residents of Naperville. Patrick has the vision to make Naperville a community where diversity is valued. His knowledge of the issues and ability to deliver results make Patrick an ideal Council Member.

Carol Schmidt and Alberto RodriguezHistoric District

We support Patrick for reelection to the Naperville City Council. Patrick is very accessible and responsive to residents, open to considering diverse points of view before developing reasonable positions, and effective at building consensus within the Council. We especially appreciate Patrick's timely and concise communication of issues before the Council and other topics of interest to residents on Facebook.

Samir SharmaOwner of Activa Physical Therapy in Springbrook Square

I continue to be impressed with Patrick’s professionalism, friendly demeanor, and genuine nature in which he desires to help. He is a great asset to me and my medical practice, and someone I highly respect in the community. He is approachable, knowledgeable, and treats others with dignity and respect, and I strongly endorse Patrick for City Council.

Bill SimonRiver Haven Estates

As city councilman, Patrick Kelly has never been afraid to tackle the hard issues facing Naperville. He’s smart, principled, and decisive. I wholeheartedly endorse Patrick for Naperville City Council in April.

Diana Torres HawkenMaplebrook

It is my pleasure to endorse Patrick Kelly in his re-election campaign to the Naperville City Council. During his first term, Patrick demonstrated his ability to make well-researched, thoughtful and ethical decisions on behalf of Naperville residents and businesses. He is a community “connector” who is not only approachable and responsive, but also promotes communication and collaboration among all. Patrick possesses a strong work ethic reflective of his unwavering commitment to Naperville and he makes this world a better place–starting right here at home.

Lucy WestlakeNaperville North High School ’22 Graduate

Councilman Patrick Kelly has my full support for a second term in the Naperville City Council election. After I became the youngest American woman to summit Mt. Everest, he personally reached out to me asking if the City of Naperville could celebrate my accomplishment. It was an honor to be recognized by my city, and it was Councilman Kelly that cared enough to make these arrangements. I am proud to be a Napervillian, and know that Patrick is working hard every day to make the great City of Naperville a better place for all people. Please join me in voting for Patrick for a second term.

Tom and Susan WitkovichPilgrim’s Addition

Patrick is a strong advocate for all residents of Naperville. His common sense approach to issues is always sound, and we need his continued leadership now more than ever.

Christine WhiteCress Creek

When our neighborhood faced the prospect of a new large 24-hour gas station, Patrick worked with us to try to get the developer to agree to reasonable changes that could have made it a better fit. When the developer refused to work with us, Patrick had our backs and voted against the project. He is truly a representative of ‘we the people’ and cares about what is best for the residents of Naperville.

Alice Wood

Naperville is lucky to have Patrick Kelly looking out for our community. He’s bright, engaged, and hardworking. We owe his family big time for sharing him with us.

Mark WrightPilgrim’s Addition

I have the pleasure of calling Pat a friend and a neighbor, but most importantly a visionary leader in the community that I love so dearly and call home. Since Pat was first elected to the City Council, I have come to know and appreciate his passion and commitment to uphold the very values that drove him into public service. His commitment to government transparency, fiscal responsibility, sustainability, quality education, and community safety has made him a valuable presence on the Council, and I strongly ask for your support in his re-election campaign.

Josh and Ellen ZiliakWest Highlands

We fully support Patrick for re-election to City Council. When a major new development was planned across the street from our house, Patrick took the time to work with us and our neighbors to truly understand our concerns and to work with the developer to have positive changes made. The project turned out much better because of Patrick’s efforts, and we know that he has done and will do the same for other residents who need an advocate on City Council.